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Floculation sedimentation air flotation equipment

Introduction:Floculation sedimentation air flotation equipment is suitable for various industrial sewage treatment projects to remove impurities and oils in the water to achieve the purpose of water purification.

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Floculation sedimentation air flotation equipment purifies water under high pressure, so that the water is dissolved into a large amount of gas as a working liquid. When the pressure is suddenly reduced, countless fine bubbles are released and the impurities in the water after the mixing reaction adhere together to make the flocs The specific gravity is less than 1, so it floats on the liquid surface to form a three-phase mixture of foam (that is, gas, water, and particles), so that pollutants can be separated from the wastewater to achieve a purification effect.

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Floculation sedimentation air flotation equipment
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Floculation sedimentation air flotation equipment
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