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Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge

Introduction:Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge is an advanced fixed depth filter. Its unique low pressure difference, high flux, good filtration accuracy and low economic cost have become a new type of filter that replaces non-fixed filters such as winding, cotton cake and cardboard and is well received by users. In addition, Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge the price is favorable and the quality is high.

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1. All-polypropylene filter media, the filter media meets FDA related requirements.
2. Wide chemical compatibility, can withstand PH value 1-14, large circulation, low pressure difference and long service life.
3.Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge wide range of filtering precision and large selection, which can meet various application occasions.
4.Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge using hot melt technology, strong structure and no release of foreign matter.
5.Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge the filter element can be cleaned by common physical and chemical methods.

6.Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge use high-pressure disinfection cabinet and online steam for disinfection and sterilization.

highflow pleated filter cartridge for sale price

Filtration accuracy: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 (μm).
Filter media: polypropylene thermal spray fiber membrane.
Support/diversion: polypropylene.
Outer cover/center tube/end cap: polypropylene.
Sealing ring: see filter element selection table.
Airtight method: thermal fusion.
Effective filtration area: ≥0.40-0.70m²/10".
Filter element diameter: 69.0mm (2.7").


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Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge
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Highflow Pleated Filter Cartridge
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