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Large flux folded filter element

Introduction:Large flux folded filter element  is an external pressure type (from outside to inside) flow direction. The filter medium is made of polypropylene melt blown material. The fiber structure is loose and the high porosity increases the amount of impurities. It has a deep three-dimensional filtering effect. It is a duplex type. Deep retention, that is, larger particles and impurities are retained on the surface of the fiber, and fine particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material, so the efficiency of the filter element has a gradient filtering effect. A wide range of chemical applications can be applied to many fields.

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1. Application field

①. General purpose: reverse osmosis system pre-filtration, security filtration, purification treatment of various process water
②. General industry: various process fluids, process water, condensate water, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.
③. Microelectronics industry: pre-filtration of deionized water
④. Food and beverage industry: process water, etc.
⑤. Chemical/Petrochemical Industry: Various acids, alkalis, solvents, quench water, brine, etc. and other various chemical agents
⑥. Power plant: make-up water, condensate water, stator cooling water, etc.

2. Technical parameters

(1). Diameter: 6.5 "(165mm)
(2). Length: 20 ", 40 ", 60 "
(3). Filter material: polypropylene PP
(4). Support layer / diversion layer: polypropylene
(5). End cover material: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
(6). Sealing ring material: ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.
(7). Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm, 15μm, 25μm, 40μm, 70μm
(8). Operating temperature: 82℃
(9). Working pressure difference: 3.44bar, 82℃
(10). Filter element replacement pressure difference: 2.4Bar, 20℃

(11). Suggested filtered water flow: 20" filter element 660LPM, 40" filter element 1300LPM, 60" filter element: 1900LPM

water filter cartridge

Operating temperature

package instruction

Plastic packaging
Filtration accuracy

Filter area

8 square
Raw water pressure
Working big pressure difference
Import and export path
Filter element form
filter Specification
Scope of application
Water filtration
Polypropylene PP
type Large Flow
Water filtration
Medium efficiency


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Large flux folded filter element
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Large flux folded filter element
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