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FROTEC industrial ro membrane ULP8040 for sale price

Introduction:FROTEC industrial ro membrane ULP8040 is suitable for the desalination of surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water with a salt content of less than 10000ppm. It is mainly used in various scales of industrial pure water, power plant boiler feed water and other fields. It can also be applied to brackish water applications such as high-concentration salty wastewater and beverage water manufacturing.

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FROTEC industrial ro membrane ULP 8040 can achieve high water production while having excellent desalination performance, making it suitable for large-scale industrial and municipal water treatment systems. In use, it shows excellent removal ability of pesticides, viruses, bacteria, high removal ability of natural organic matter, and medium removal ability of total hardness. Through innovative technology, the product has a stronger membrane surface and stronger oxidation resistance, which can significantly improve the economics of system operation.

industrial ro membrane

Product name: FROTEC industrial ro membrane ULP 8040
Effective membrane area ft2 (m2): 365 (33.9)
Water production gpd (m3/d): 11000 (41.6)
Stable desalination rate Cl-%: 99.5
Water production and desalination rate are based on test conditions: 1500ppm NaCl, 150psi (1.03MPa), 25ºC, pH=8, 8% recovery rate.


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