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How to properly disassemble and replace the mbr uf membrane?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

In a long-term filtered water environment, some pollutants will appear in the ro uf membrane, which must be cleaned, or must be stored when not in use, and the membrane elements must be disassembled and assembled before storage and cleaning.

1. Disassembly method of mbr uf membrane

A. First, remove the upper seepage water, concentrated water and its water production pipeline in the high-pressure vessel, and remove all connecting parts;
B. Remove the bearing end caps on both sides of the high-pressure vessel;
C. Push the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane from the water inlet end to the concentrated water end side until it is exposed to the concentrated water end side;
D. After pulling out the mbr uf membrane, release the components connected with the membrane;
E. Repeat the above process, if necessary, use a PVC pipe to enter the inner hole of the ro uf membrane from the water inlet;

F. The disassembled mbr uf membrane should be placed in a neat packaging bag, and an appropriate concentration of 0.05-0.1% sodium bisulfite aqueous solution should be injected, sealed and stored.

ro uf membrane

2. How to judge whether the mbr uf membrane needs to be replaced

A. The water flow suddenly decreases during operation. At this time, consider whether to replace the membrane;
B. When the working pressure value of the effluent in the sewage is higher than 6KG, it indicates that it may be blocked at this time;
C. After cleaning and maintenance, the water production rate still does not meet the manufacturing regulations;
D. In the process of pure water production, it is generally specified that the conductivity is lower than 10us/cm. If the conductivity is close to 10, the maintenance method cannot be reduced. At this time, the membrane must be replaced;
E. The high conductivity of the produced water leads to frequent regeneration of the cationic resin, even if the production can be achieved, but the actual operation often leads to high costs, so the membrane must be replaced;

F. The mbr uf membrane is damaged significantly.

In the replacement process of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, it is necessary to select an appropriate disassembly method to prevent the membrane element from being damaged during the entire disassembly process, that is, to save the cost of repurchase.

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