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The difference between hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and tubular ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

As we all know, the tubular ultrafiltration membrane and the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane are made of different materials, and they can be distinguished. It has different characteristics in applications, and can also be used in different industries, and their roles in water treatment are also different.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

1. The application difference of uf membrane module

Tubular membranes do not have too strict requirements for the natural environment in the application. Even when the concentration value of the activated sludge method reaches 30g/L in the application, the operating conditions are still relatively stable. In the filtration system, the inlet pretreatment requirements of the membrane element are different from those of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Even if the water contains a higher concentration of suspended solids, the raw oil and the water containing substances can directly enter the tubular membrane element; The diameter of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is small, under normal circumstances, it will be less than 3mm, but the diameter used in water treatment is generally between 0.8-1.5mm.

2.The characteristics of tubular ultrafiltration membrane

A. Innovative design scheme of removable uf membrane module;
B. It can also save replacement costs, and the stainless steel plate membrane housing can be reused many times;
C. The actual operation protection is simple, and consumers can independently replace it on site if there is a standard;
D. When using a single membrane component, it is not easy to endanger the operation of the entire system;
E. There are many specifications and models, from DN65 to DN250, and the total area is from 1.1m to 72㎡;
F. The complete system can meet different requirements and improve the design scheme; the length of the membrane element can reach 4.0 meters, the standard length is 3.0 meters, and 3.66 meters;

G. It adopts a personalized design scheme, which can be customized according to your requirements.

tubular ultrafiltration membrane

3.The characteristics of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

A. In the application, it has the characteristics of good interception performance, the membrane diameter is symmetrical, and the interception rate for most fine particles, microbial strains, bacteria, and viruses is high;
B. Using reinforced PVDF hollow fiber, it has the characteristics of good pollution resistance, high compressive strength, good interception characteristics, good oxidation resistance, large water diffusion coefficient, good water absorption, and good cleaning diffusion coefficient repair;
C. According to the external pressure design scheme, the full filtration method can be selected in the application. Compared with cross-flow filtration, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has low use burden, low energy consumption, and low operating cost;
D. It has good organic chemical stability, can be used in the PH value range of 2-11, and can withstand the cleaning of high-concentration effective chlorine organic chemicals.

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