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Characteristics and applications of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-07

MBR Uf membrane is a new type of water treatment system that can replace the traditional secondary grit tank, reduce the total area of a large amount of land resources and capital construction, and save some application assets. MBR Uf membrane can also highlight other advantages and performance in application, and its application standards are very common.

mbr uf membrane

1. Performance characteristics of mbr uf membrane.

A. The ro uf membrane is composed of two-piece membrane modules, because the gap in the middle of the membrane can be adjusted, which is beneficial to the cleaning of the hydrolysis acidification tank. The overall design promotes the faster removal of pollutants attached to the membrane surface, so the anti-pollution performance is better;
B. The components of the mbr uf membrane are components caused by the membrane, the drainage layer and the ABS bearing plate. Traditional membranes are based on themselves. In contrast, the impact toughness will be better, and it is not prone to problems such as broken wires that are common in traditional components;
C. There is no need to carry out back cleaning during the operation of the ro membrane filter, which makes the processing technology of the solution simpler and the component structure is reasonable. Due to its excellent anti-pollution performance, it is not easy to absorb too much pollutants on the surface of the membrane module, and there is no possibility of agglomeration in the membrane module;

D. It is relatively simple to replace the diaphragm. If individual diaphragms are damaged, the damaged diaphragms can be replaced directly.

ro uf membrane

2. The use of mbr uf membrane.

1. It can be used to solve the problems of high-concentration, harmful and insoluble industrial wastewater. It can solve high-concentration organic sewage, which belongs to a wide range of pollutants in daily life. The paper industry, sugar industry, ethanol, leather products, oleic acid production and other fields consume high-concentration organic chemical wastewater every year. This kind of wastewater is generally solved with traditional activated sludge. Although it can fully play a certain role, it is difficult for the effluent water body to meet environmental protection standards. The technical advantages of the ro uf membrane prompt it to reasonably solve the waste water that cannot be solved by the traditional correct treatment method, and reuse the effluent;
2. Areas without a drainage network operating system, such as small residential areas, resorts, resorts, etc.;
3. There are places and venues where wastewater reuse is needed, such as car wash shops, hotels, mobile public toilets, etc. , Make full use of the membrane bioreactor, small footprint, compact mechanical equipment, and convenient automatic control system;
4. Upgrade the sewage treatment station in the original area, especially when the effluent is unqualified or the total flow increases sharply, and the land occupation cannot be expanded;
5. Treatment and recycling of landfill leachate;

6 The application of removing a small amount of pollutants in the domestic water resources of the water company.

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