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Installation method of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-07

As we all know, the mbr uf membrane can replace the traditional secondary grit chamber, which can reduce the total area of capital construction of a large amount of land resources and save costs. Toray MBR membrane modules must be properly installed before application, and some matters must be paid attention to when installing the modules to promote their application in future work.

mbr uf membrane

1. Installation method of mbr uf membrane

A. Take special circumstances as an example. Only when the installation site does not have the working capacity and standards for the installed components, can it be assembled and transported, thereby reducing the installation time period and improving the operating efficiency;
B. The key types of mbr uf membrane module can be divided into dry membrane and wet membrane. At present, membrane components and support frames are transported to the construction site separately, and only a few special cases are transported after assembly;

C. Under normal circumstances, the ultrafiltration membrane 2 must be individually packaged and transported together in accordance with the support frame in the wooden box packaging of the total equipment. During the on-site installation, the staff will provide specific guidance and installation. The installation method will be very convenient and simple. The only thing to note is that the components must be spot welded into the pool and then cold water is introduced. The ultrafiltration membrane 3 is very sensitive and cannot be trampled, bumped or injured.

2. Common problems of installing mbr uf membrane

A. When installing the L-shaped water collection pipe, when inserting the water pipe, you can apply silicon series product lubricating grease. The lubricating oil of solvent series products will embrittle the ABS resin, so be careful not to use it;
B. There are some high-altitude operations during installation. You must wear reasonable knee pads such as safety helmets, safety belts, and protective shoes to keep yourself safe;
C. When reinstalling the L-shaped collecting pipe used in the sludge, it must be thoroughly cleaned with water to completely remove the sludge. In addition, when the O-ring is cracked, it must be replaced on time;
D. The total weight of the film under dry conditions is about 15kg. Diaphragm transportation must be carried out by more than two persons;
E. The diaphragm is sometimes damaged when it encounters protrusions. When the diaphragm is moving, be careful not to encounter obstacles and carry items.
F. When removing and installing the anchor bolts and nuts in the assembly, please use special tools of appropriate size;
G. The diaphragm is made of epoxy resin. No open flame or electric welding shall be used around the actual operation site;
H. Anchor bolts and nuts are made of SUS304 material. When the local anchor bolts and nuts are used again, in order to better prevent them from sticking and burning, they must be thoroughly washed with water, and after removing the sludge and other dirt, apply architectural paint to avoid burning.

In addition, when the ultrafiltration membrane 2 is installed with special tools such as electric equipment, after confirming that the nuts and nuts in the mechanical equipment have been installed and embedded, they should be tightened carefully to prevent damage to the membrane components.

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