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Cleaning and storage of ro reverse osmosis ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-08

1. Cleaning procedure of reverse osmosis ro membrane

A. Perform low-pressure flushing at 60psi or low working pressure, that is, the cleaning water is pumped from the cleaning tank into the high-pressure container, and then discharged, and run for a few minutes. The flushing water must be clean, remove the hardness, without transition elements and permanganate index. The cleaning tank is equipped with a special cleaning aqueous solution, and the configuration water must be RO product water or double distilled water without transition elements and permanganate index.
B. The temperature and pH value should be adjusted to the specified value. The reverse osmosis ro membrane runs the cleaning pump to pump the cleaning liquid into the membrane module, and the circulation system is cleaned for about one hour or a specified time. In the beginning process, before the cleaning liquid returns to the RO cleaning tank, drain the initial return liquid to prevent the water staying in the system from diluting the cleaning liquid. In the first 5 minutes, the flow rate was gradually adjusted to 1/3 of the flow rate of the larger design. This can reduce potential fouling clogging caused by waste accumulation. In the second 5 minutes, the flow rate is increased to 2/3 of the flow rate of the larger design plan, and then the flow rate is increased to the larger flow rate value of the design plan. Assuming it is necessary, when the pH conversion exceeds 1, it needs to be adjusted back to the original standard value again. Circulation system cleaning and soaking procedures can be replaced as needed. It is recommended to choose a soaking time of 1 to 8 hours.

C. Be careful to maintain proper temperature and pH. After organic chemical cleaning, use clean water for low-pressure cleaning to remove the residual part of the organic chemical from the cleaning equipment parts, drain and clean the cleaning tank, and then completely fill the cleaning tank with clean water for cleaning. Pump all the flushing water from the cleaning tank and flush the high-pressure container until it is discharged. If necessary, a second cleaning can be performed. Once the ultrafiltration systems water treatment is thoroughly flushed with the clean water in the water storage tank, the final low-pressure flushing can be performed with the pre-treated water supply and drainage. The working pressure of the water supply and drainage should be less than 60psi (4bar), and finally flush continuously until the flushing water is clean and free of foam and cleaning agent residues. It usually takes 15 to 60 minutes. The actual operator can use a clean evaporating dish to sample, mix evenly, and detect the residual state of detergent and foam in the cleaning water of the sewage outlet.

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2. Storage standard of reverse osmosis ro membrane.

① The reverse osmosis ro membrane must always be kept moist. Even if it needs to be opened temporarily in order to better determine the quantity of the same package, it must be saved in the application without puncturing the package.
② When storing in an environment above 10℃, avoid sunlight and choose a place with good natural ventilation. At this time, the storage temperature should not exceed 35°C.
③If it is frozen, it will cause physical damage. Therefore, heat preservation measures should be taken to prevent it from being frozen.
(1) Membrane element after passing water.
① The membrella ro membrane must always be kept in a dark place, the temperature does not exceed 35 ℃, and prevent sunlight.
② When the temperature is lower than 0°C, freezing cleaning is likely to be carried out, and anti-freezing cleaning measures should be taken.
③The composite series of membrella ro membrane should be immersed in purified water or reverse osmosis filtered water with stored drugs.
④ No matter what the storage is, the film cannot be kept in a dry state.

⑤ The content and pH value of the preservation solution should be kept within the above range and should be maintained regularly. If there is a possibility of deviation from the above-mentioned standards, the preservation solution should be prepared again.

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