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How to extend the service life of reverse osmosis element membrane ?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-08

Now the reverse osmosis element membrane is deeply loved by everyone, because the choice of high-quality manufacturing raw materials and its role beyond other products has become one of the best-selling equipment at this stage, and as one of the commonly used equipment in daily life, it is often The use is also inevitable, so how to extend the service life of the reverse osmosis element membrane has become a topic discussed by everyone.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Pay attention to the cleaning method.

After long-term application, the technical professional reverse osmosis ro membrane2 also needs to be properly cleaned before it can be delivered again to prevent environmental pollution hazards. However, the cleaning of the reverse osmosis element membrane must also be cleaned according to different causes of failure. Care must be taken not to choose the cleaning method arbitrarily, so as to avoid secondary pollution due to cleaning errors.

reverse osmosis ro membrane

2. Whether the actual operation method is appropriate.

Each ro membrane filter has its own control method, and unreasonable application is just a reminder, which can only continuously reduce the service life. Therefore, after purchase and installation, the actual operation should be implemented in strict accordance with the instruction manual and its common problems, which can not only extend the service life of the reverse osmosis element membrane, but also save the cost of maintenance or replacement of the ro membrane filter.

ro membrane filter

3. The surrounding environment.

This method is recommended for customers who have not completed the installation after buying and returning home. Generally, high temperature exposure cannot be performed before purchasing the reverse osmosis ro membrane. The surrounding temperature must be controlled as not as high as possible, lower than the body temperature of all normal people, and stored in the natural environment , To prevent the water-saving membrane from contacting environmental pollution caused by excessive dampness and coldness.
The reverse osmosis element membrane is one of the commonly used equipment in daily life. Although it is a water-saving membrane with guaranteed quality, it will be reasonably reduced if it goes through the wrong application and cleaning life. Therefore, the application must be strictly managed, and the membrane must be properly cleaned immediately to ensure its cleanliness and zero pollution, thereby prolonging its service life.

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