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How to use the reverse osmosis element membrane of a water purifier correctly?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-08

1. Improper use of equipment will destroy the performance of the reverse osmosis element membrane.

A. The residual vapor in the stainless steel water filter runs under high pressure, and the air hammer will destroy the reverse osmosis element membrane.
① After the equipment is exhausted, when it runs again, the pressure of the steam will be changed rapidly without being emptied. The remaining gas should be evacuated under the working pressure of 2~4bar, and then gradually change the pressure.
②When the interface between the pretreatment equipment and the high-pressure pump has poor sealing performance or water seepage, when the pretreatment power supply is insufficient, such as the microfiltration is blocked, the vacuum pump will suck in some gas at the location with poor sealing performance. The microfiltration device should be flushed or replaced to ensure that the pipeline does not leak.
In summary, when there are no small bubbles in the ultrasonic flowmeter, the pressure should be gradually changed. If bubbles are found during operation, the blood pressure should be gradually lowered and checked.
B. The method of shutting down the machine is wrong.
①Turn off the machine and quickly reduce the pressure without completing sufficient cleaning. Since the carbonate content of the manure water side of the membrane is higher than that of the source water, it is easy to foul and pollute the membrane.
②Clean with pretreatment water with dosing chemicals. When the stainless steel water filter stops operating, water containing chemical substances may cause membrane fouling.
C. Disinfection, sterilization, and improper maintenance cause microbial contamination.

This is also a common deficiency in the application of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge. Because the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge has a poor permanganate resistance index, no disinfectant such as alkali is reasonably added in the application. In addition, consumers do not pay enough attention to the prevention of microbes, which can easily cause microbial contamination. After the equipment is installed, the entire pipeline and pretreatment equipment are not sterilized. Disinfection, sterilization and maintenance measures shall not be taken to interrupt the operation. The pretreatment equipment and water purification equipment are not disinfected and sterilized on time, and the maintenance fluid is invalid or insufficient in content.

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2. The performance of reverse osmosis element membrane is damaged if the cleaning is not immediately and the cleaning method is wrong.

In the entire application process, in addition to all normal performance losses, the attenuation coefficient of the performance of the reverse osmosis element membrane is more serious due to pollution. The key to general pollution is organic chemical scale, organic compound and colloidal solution pollution, microbial pollution and so on. Different pollution is mainly manifested in different conditions.

Secondly, pollution is usually not single, and the reflected situations also have certain differences, which makes it more difficult to judge pollution. The comprehensive source water body distinguishes pollution types, the main parameters of the design plan, pollution index values, operation records, changes in the performance of reverse osmosis element membrane and microbial index values.

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