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How to install water filter cartridge?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-08


    With the continuous development of economy and society, the problem of social pollution has become more and more serious. Among them, water pollution has already endangered our daily lives. In order to better ensure that they can eat healthy and pure water, many families choose to install stainless steel water filter at home. There are more and more stainless steel water filter in which water filter cartridge must be installed. Because the packing density of the water filter cartridge is relatively high, the pressure is good, and the filtering accuracy is also high. 

    So how to install water filter cartridge?

    water filter cartridge

    1. Connect the two-division valve to the tap water pipe.Close the tap water pipe for drinking water, and then proceed with the installation process. First, connect the two-part seepage gate valve to the tap water pipe, preferably wrapped with raw tape to prevent water leakage.
    2. One end of the PE pipe is connected to the tap water pipe, and the other end is connected to the ro membrane filter.
    In the process of connecting, pay attention to cater to the connection to prevent water leakage; secondly, pay attention to the length of the PE pipe, not too long or too short, it is suitable according to the specific situation.
    3. Remove the three pipe joints of the energy machine and connect the PE pipe.
    During the connection process, pay attention to the small dark blue buckle and the kinetic energy machine to prevent water leakage caused by factors such as the pressure at the time.
    4. Connect the sewage valve.

    In the entire connection process of the sewage valve, the length of the PE pipe should also be paid attention to. In addition, during the connection process, the dark blue lock must be locked to prevent water leakage.

    5. Install the gooseneck collar.
    When installing the gooseneck collar, pay special attention to the fixing of the screws to prevent it from falling off in the future.
    6. Connect the purified water outlet of the ro membrane filter to the gooseneck leader.
    The connection is connected with a 3-point PE pipe. The connected PE pipe does not need to be too long. Pay attention to the connection on both sides, and there is no need to loosen the connection and leak water.
    7. First look for items with water, and then open the water inlet valve for cleaning.
    During the cleaning operation, pay attention to the changes in the water body and check for water leakage. If necessary, solve it immediately.
    8. The cleaning time is about 10-20 minutes, and the clean water will take place.
    Although it is clean water at the beginning, it is still recommended that you do not eat or drink immediately.

    Appropriate water filter cartridge is also the main process to ensure the reasonable filtration of water resources, so it is very important to learn how to install it properly.

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