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The principle and application of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-09

The key to organic pollution of domestic water comes from daily industrial wastewater and environmental pollution. Industrial wastewater has not been treated or discharged unqualified, and serious environmental pollution has led to a shortage of water resources. At present, most domestic water plants have not selected ultrafiltration membrane system, but have been using traditional processing methods, which cannot reasonably remove a small amount of organic pollutants, leading to certain carcinogens. Organic matter such as fetal malformations and gene mutations are still left in drinking water, which always affects physical and mental health.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. The basic principle of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Under the action of external force, the stripping solution flows along the surface of the uf membrane module at a certain flow rate, and the source liquid contains organic solvents and low-content chemical substances. Inorganic positive ions enter the low pressure side through the uf membrane module on the high pressure side and are discharged as percolate, while the polymer chemicals, colloidal solution particles and bacteria in the solution are cut off by the membrane. The solution is concentrated and discharged through the extraction liquid, and according to the organic cooperation of water and gas impact cleaning, gas impact cleaning, softener and drug cleaning, the improvement of the online cleaning process is completed.

uf membrane module

2.The advantages of ultrafiltration membrane technology

A. The whole process of ultrafiltration membrane technology is carried out at room temperature, without change, and does not cause secondary pollution. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly purification treatment technology;
B. The effective substances in the water can be recycled;

C. Water can be recycled, which greatly reduces the consumption of industrial waste water and even achieves zero discharge.

3.The scope of application of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Ultrafiltration membrane technology has the unique advantages of environmental protection, stability, and no secondary pollution. It can be widely used in RO reverse osmosis preparation process, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, drinking water purification and other industries.

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