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Combined process of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-09

As we all know, ultrafiltration membrane technology can better remove a small amount of substances and turbidity in drinking water, and then add granular activated carbon, which can induce fetal malformations, carcinogens and other small chemical substances to achieve a stable removal rate of 80%. The stable removal rate reached 90%.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Ozone activated carbon-ultrafiltration membrane technology.

When the turbidity and organic compound content in the water polluted by the environment is high, the technical performance of the uf membrane module is improved after the deep solution of ozone activated carbon is selected, mainly to better remove the organisms and particulate residues falling on the activated carbon. Ensure that the content of aquatic organisms meets national industry standards. When the source water turbidity and organic compound content is low, but the water odor compound content is high, the basic solution can be saved, and ozone activated carbon and uf membrane module can be used independently.

2. Concrete deposition-ultrafiltration membrane technology.

When the source water turbidity content is high, the organic chemical substance and the algae content are high, the concrete, deposition and uf membrane use technology composition process can be used. After the concrete link, increase the deposition or response control components to reduce the residue content in the water and reduce the membrane environmental pollution. Therefore, the process can expand the membrane diffusion coefficient of the design scheme, reduce the total number of membranes and the frequency of backwashing, and reduce the input and operating costs of all processes. In the entire specific application process, the basic preparation treatment before the membrane can choose high-density grit tanks and air flotation tanks.

3. Ultrafiltration membrane technology-particulate matter or ozone microbial activated carbon.

Particle activated carbon adsorption or ozone microbial activated carbon is not common in China, and the main concern is the safety factor of microbial strains in the final effluent. The uf membrane use reasonably separates particulate chemical substances, greatly reduces the content of ozone sludge afterwards, and reduces the content of ozone air oxidation by-products. At the same time, the frequency of back cleaning of the activated carbon adsorption tank will also be reduced. The granular activated carbon adsorption pool is mainly to better improve the periodic peculiar smell of the source water.

4. Maintain and clean.

After the system software runs for a period of time, the production of organic compounds and organisms will reduce the working capacity of activated carbon filtration. In order to better avoid environmental pollution of the membrane, it must be disinfected and cleaned.

uf membrane use

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