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Fouling influence of ro system membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-11

1. Pollution description of ro membrane filter

The pollution of the ro membrane filter actually means that the ro system membrane in the system is blocked by the adhesion of organic compounds, colloidal solutions and other chemical substances in the water, or the organic chemical positive ions in the water accumulate on the outside of the membrane, resulting in failure to discharge water.

ro system membrane

2. Pollution identification of ro system membrane

How to distinguish the pollution of ro system membrane can be distinguished by the following main parameters:
a. When the power supply pressure remains unchanged, the water production rate is reduced by 15%.
b. Without changing the water production rate, after adjusting the temperature, the power supply pressure will increase by 15%.
c. Under all normal conditions, the water production volume changes greatly.
d. The system pressure has changed significantly, which is manifested as pressure expansion.

If the ro system membrane is contaminated in the entire system, as the pollution level continues to intensify, the main parameters such as the system's water output will undergo malignant changes, which will eventually lead to the system's failure to operate safely. If this happens, it can be considered as moderate to severe system pollution.

ro membrane filter

3.The adverse effects of the pollution of ro system membrane

The damage provided by the reverse osmosis membrane 2 pollution to the system varies according to different pollution levels. When the pollution is relatively light, the overall operation of the system does not change significantly, and the harm to the effluent is not great. Slight pollution can be cleaned online, while moderate to severe pollution is very harmful to the system and must be handled properly.
The most important thing in the reverse osmosis water treatment system is the reverse osmosis membrane 2. If the membrane is contaminated, the damage to the system should not be underestimated. Regular maintenance must be ensured and replaced and cleaned immediately. Otherwise, the actual effect of purified water will not reach the standard, and everything will not operate normally and reliably.

The above common sense is expected to have an effect on everyone, and can help you solve common problems of machinery and equipment.

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