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How to replace the industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-12

The industrial ro membrane is the main membrane element of the ro membrane filter, and certain pollutants will be generated after long-term use, or when the industrial ro membrane exceeds its normal service life, it must be replaced.

industrial ro membrane

1.The replacement cycle of industrial ro membrane

The length of the replacement cycle will be affected by the advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis water. Generally speaking, if the permeated water body meets the requirements, the preparation treatment of the stainless steel filter is stable, and the required service life can basically be achieved. If the pre-treatment fluctuates greatly and the water seepage is reduced, the characteristics and service life of the membrane will be severely damaged, which will damage the water body of the final water production, and the membrane will be replaced immediately.

2.The replacement method of industrial ro membrane

a. First, turn off the power switch of the equipment, and turn off the water seepage shut-off valve at the three-way of the drinking water faucet;
b. Pull out the quick-insertion pipes on both sides of the membrane shell-seepage pipe, outlet pipe, sewage pipe. When pulling out the water pipe, pay attention to distinguish the three water pipes and avoid inserting the opposite matching parts when reinstalling. If there is no professional knowledge of recognition, it is recommended to paste the corresponding identifiable mark when pulling out to prevent mistakes. Pull the membrane shell out of the base interface forcibly;
c. Facing the mechanical equipment, the operator uses the right hand to hold the membrane shell tightly, and uses the left hand energy to unscrew the end cap at one end of the reverse osmosis membrane;
d. Hold the membrane shell tightly with your right hand, and then use needle-nose pliers to pull out the old industrial ro membrane;
e. Insert the membrane into the membrane tube until one end of the two small gray-black O-rings reaches the bottom of the membrane shell, and then tighten the membrane shell cover;
f. Insert the membrane shell into the base interface according to the direction in which the old membrane is placed, and then insert the corresponding water pipe into the quick-insertion connector, and jam the dark blue clip;

g. Open the water seepage shut-off valve at the three-way of the original water tap, run the ultrapure water machine, and observe whether there is liquid leakage in the cleaning mode. If not, the replacement has ended.

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