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Classification and advantages of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-12

MBR Uf membrane is a new type of membrane separation technology that has been widely used in recent years, and its full name is membrane bioreactor. Its greater advantage is that it completely replaces the influence of the secondary sedimentation tank and has the same effect as the secondary sedimentation tank.

mbr uf membrane

1. Classification of mbr uf membrane.

Mainly can be divided into two kinds of membrane materials PTFE and PVDF. Compared with the pvdf uf membrane, its service life will be very short and the price will be correspondingly lower, but compared with the PTFE membrane element, its anti-pollution ability will be very poor. In specific applications, it must be determined according to the cost-effectiveness of the membrane element and the detailed type of sewage, and different membranes must be used for different applications.

uf membrane module

2. Operation method of mbr uf membrane.

In order to better avoid the pollution of the uf membrane module in the application, pretreatment must be carried out before the application. If the mbr uf membrane is contaminated, it needs to be replaced. Solving the hydrolysis acidification tank can also increase the service life. When oxygen is produced by microbial strains, the membrane can be washed according to the vibration method, which can also reduce fouling. On the basis of pretreatment, it can prevent long-term application and reduce clogging. No matter what kind of pollutants will cause deposition, this link is likely to be very slow, but the pollution of membrane elements is also unavoidable. Therefore, when the pollution of the membrane elements is not obvious, the surface of the membrane elements must be cleaned in advance, that is, the water cleaning of the membrane elements Or machine cleaning. The actual operation method can be carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions for use.

3.The advantages of mbr uf membrane.

a. The actual operation is simple, and the automation technology is convenient: the operation is more convenient, and the microcomputer automatic control system can be completed, which is more convenient to use;
b. The remaining sludge treatment volume is low in production: it can operate under low sludge concentration and high capacity load, and the remaining sludge production is low, which reduces the cost of sludge treatment;
c. Excellent and stable water output after processing: Because the mbr uf membrane has a high-efficiency peeling effect, compared with the traditional sedimentation tank, the effect of MBR membrane separation technology is very bright;
d. It is convenient to update and transform traditional handicrafts: it is widely used in the reuse of domestic sewage;

e. Small footprint, not easy to be restricted by places: Membrane bioreactors can maintain a high concentration of biomass, solve the problems of high capacity load and large area of equipment; simple production process, compact structure, suitable for all places.

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