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The service life of domestic ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-12

The domestic ro membrane is mainly used for very medium and large stainless steel filter, and its key function is to block bacteria and virus infection in the water. Generally, all domestic ro membrane have their service life and cycle.

domestic ro membrane

1. The service life of domestic ro membrane.

A. Due to the different system design schemes, specific application conditions, and protection and maintenance methods, the application life of the domestic ro membrane will also be different. Therefore, if it is in the membrane, the difficulty can be solved after cleaning the membrane, and there is no need to replace it;
B. In general use, the reverse osmosis element membrane used in water treatment can be replaced in about 1-2 years. The actual situation must be formulated according to the water production. During the required period of use, it does not need to be replaced as required. When the water body decreases, it must be replaced immediately;

C. The service life is uncertain and will change due to the advantages and disadvantages of the membrane penetrating the water body. Generally speaking, if the permeated water body meets the requirements, that is, the preparation treatment is stable, the required service life of the membrane can be reached;

stainless steel filter

2. What are the hazards of the service life of domestic ro membrane?

A. The storage method is unreasonable: Generally, the new reverse osmosis element membrane is generally soaked in a damp, air-tight plastic packaging bag before use, and can generally be stored for about one year. If the packaging bag is damaged, it must be used directly;
B. Unreasonable use: the key hazards caused by affecting the service life of the membrane or improper use;
C. The standby mode is unreasonable: the stainless steel filter is not sufficiently cleaned when it is closed, because the salt concentration value on the concentrated water side of the membrane will be relatively high, which will easily lead to structural blockage and environmental pollution. Relevant chemical cleaners must be used for cleaning to ensure that the concentrated water and source water TDS are close;

D. Unqualified sterilization and maintenance: Mainly used in sewage treatment projects. The raw water will contain the residue of some microbial strains. If there is no appropriate capital to invest in medicine to remove, it will cause the residue to exceed the standard.


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