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Characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-16

The ultrafiltration membrane technology can be used as a preliminary treatment and an in-depth solution for the technological process in the purification process, concentration, and separation process of water treatment and other industrial production. In common water treatment processes, it is often used as a high-purification treatment.

1. The uniqueness of ultrafiltration membrane technology.

The ultrafiltration membrane filter can block the residual particles in the water, driven by the working pressure, the organic chemical low-molecular structure in the water. Inorganic anions and cations can be based on the microporous plate on the inner wall of the chemical fiber to the other side of the ro system membrane, while chemical substances such as bacteria, colloids, fine particles, organic chemical and biological macromolecules cannot pass through the chemical fiber wall to achieve screening The purpose of the different components in the aqueous solution. This process is an actual operation at room temperature, with no phase change and no secondary pollution.

2. Performance indicators and efficacy of ultrafiltration membrane filter.

A. High-precision filtration: Complete filtration of chemical substances such as bacteria, rust, colloids, and biological macromolecular substances in the water. The key technical indicators such as biology and turbidity of filtered water are better than the quality standards of canned domestic water.

B. Long service life: Due to the basic principle of vertical cross filtration, it is automatically cleaned and is not easy to be blocked, so the service life of the ro system membrane is 30-50 times that of general water purifiers.

C. Low cost: large diffusion coefficient and long service life. It is a modern membrane separation equipment. It can effectively remove particles, colloids, bacteria, pyrogens and organic compounds in water, and is suitable for various production processes with separation, concentration and purification significance.

3. Application range of ultrafiltration membrane technology.

A. Beverage pure water sterilization and textile industry, chemical plants, environmental protection and other industrial wastewater solutions are composed of pre-treatment and ultrafiltration membrane technology and post-treatment processes;

B. Used to prepare sterile detection depyrogenated pure water; 

C. Used in the bactericidal reaction in the pharmaceutical industry and the industrial production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations; 

D. In the pure water preparation process, the ultrafiltration membrane technology can be used as a front solution for RO reverse osmosis or ion exchange terminal equipment filtration.

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