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Analysis of the advantages of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-20

1. Introduction of ultrafiltration membrane technology

The ultrafiltration membrane technology is separated by the basic principle of screening, and its relative molecular mass can be selected from 10000 to 10000 Dalton, which is suitable for the separation, concentration and purification of macromolecular substances and small molecular water chemical substances.
From the whole process of the development trend of the ultrafiltration membrane technology, the ultrafiltration device is developed with the development and design of the reverse osmosis equipment. Modern ultrafiltration devices can replace traditional box filter presses, hollow chemical fiber and other ultrafiltration membrane modes, so as to complete the excessive separation, purification and concentration of materials in an efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner.

Early industrial production uf membrane module was used for sewage and wastewater treatment. For more than 30 years, with the development trend of ultrafiltration technology, ultrafiltration technology has been involved in the food industry, dairy industry production, beve

rage industry production, pharmaceutical industry, diagnosis and treatment, biological products, pharmaceutical preparations, clinical medicine, wastewater treatment, and food industry. Sewage treatment, waste recycling, environmental protection engineering and many other industries.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

2.The advantages of ultrafiltration membrane technology

a. Uf membrane module selects the products of world-renowned membrane companies to ensure that customers get the world's high-quality pvdf ultrafiltration membrane, thereby ensuring the interception characteristics and membrane diffusion coefficient.
b. High utilization rate and high product quality, which can realize high-efficiency separation, purification and high concentration of materials.
c. The treatment method remains unchanged, and there is no negative effect on the ingredients in the material. During the entire separation, purification and concentration process, it is always at room temperature. It is especially suitable for solving heat-sensitive chemical substances, avoiding the shortcomings of high temperature destroying biologically active chemical substances, and reasonably preserving biologically active chemical substances and nutrients in the raw material management system element.
d. Low energy consumption and short manufacturing cycle. Compared with traditional processes, the operating cost of mechanical equipment is low, which can reduce product costs reasonably and improve the company's economic benefits.
e. Excellent technology, high integration level, compact structure, small footprint, simple actual operation and maintenance, and low labor efficiency of employees.

f. The system's manufacturing materials are made of environmental sanitation grade stainless steel plates, fully enclosed pipeline operation, daily cleaning on site, in line with GMP or FDA manufacturing standards.

g. The automatic control system can carry out a humanized design plan according to the customer's actual application regulations, combined with excellent monitoring software, and centrally monitor the actual operating parameters of the key processing technology on site, prevent manual operation errors, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the system in an all-round way.

uf membrane module

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