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The principle of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-20

With the sustainable development trend of modernization, the development trend of membrane separation technology and the industrialization of manufacturing have been promoted. At the same time, the ultrafiltration membrane technology is more stable, thereby greatly reducing the cost of the membrane. Pvdf ultrafiltration membrane has been widely used in domestic water purification, industrial water solution, beverages, microorganisms, food, medicine, environmental protection and other aspects.

1. Explanation of ultrafiltration membrane technology

ultrafiltration membrane technology

Ultrafiltration membrane technology is plain. Pvdf ultrafiltration membrane uses ultrafiltration with a pore size of 1-20nm to filter aqueous solutions with biological macromolecules or microparticles. The entire process of separating biological macromolecules or microparticles from the solvent is called ultrafiltration. filter. It uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force and the membrane as the filter material. Under a certain working pressure, small water solutes and organic solvents pass through the uf membrane module with a certain pore size, so that the biological macromolecular solutes cannot pass through and stay on one side, so as to achieve the purpose of purification, separation and concentration of the aqueous solution. The key is to intercept the polymer solute. For example, it is used to solve the problem of substances that are not produced by solids. Substances with low molecular weight and water pass through the membrane, and substances with high molecular weight are intercepted.

2. Product performance advantages of uf membrane module

a. High-density symmetrical film with small round holes.
Unique processing technology secret recipe and surface post-treatment method, membrane filament surface pore size is small, relative density is high, pore size is uniform, on-hook working pressure is high, bacterial virus sludge load is high, it can truly deal with the most direct requirements of water safety.
b. High tensile strength.

The membrane ribbon is lined. The surface of the lining is pre-impregnated and combined with the high-density layer of the membrane. The tensile strength reaches 48MPa, which completely eliminates the problem of interrupted filament cracking during the entire use process.

pvdf ultrafiltration membrane

c. Unique hydrophilic modified material technology.
The unique composition and production of the mixture formula, coupled with the hydrolysis reaction processing technology, the hydrophilic groups on the surface of the membrane raw materials are uniformly aggregated and distributed, mainly showing excellent water absorption and pollution resistance.
d. Dry storage and transportation.
The membrane filaments can be stored dry after drying, which has antibacterial effect and is convenient to transport. There is no problem with mold growth. On-site installation, maintenance, and adjustment are convenient, and there is no waste water, which solves the bottleneck problem in specific applications.
The ultrafiltration membrane technology is actually very simple. As the development trend of China's water treatment technology becomes more and more developed, the ultrafiltration membrane 1 has naturally been greatly improved.

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