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Description of the characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane technology

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    The ultrafiltration membrane technology is a membrane that can be purified, separated or concentrated, and is located between microfiltration and nanofiltration membranes through separation technology. Compared with traditional processes, uf membrane water purifier has the advantages of low energy consumption, low actual operation burden, high separation efficiency, large diffusion coefficient, and recyclable effective substances in the field of sewage treatment. It is widely used in domestic water purification treatment and domestic sewage treatment. Recycling, oily wastewater, pulp wastewater, seawater desalination equipment and other wastewater treatment.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology

    1. The basic concept of ultrafiltration membrane technology
    Ultrafiltration membrane technology means that under the action of working pressure, the concentration of organic solvents and some low molecular weight substances exceeds the microporous plate on the membrane to reach the other side of the membrane, while the concentration of polymer materials or other emulsion micelles It is intercepted, so as to achieve the purpose of separation from the solvent. The interception principle is mainly the screening effect, but sometimes the organic chemical properties of the membrane surface also play the interception effect.
    2. Technical characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane technology
    a. The removal efficiency of residues is high, and the water produced is much better than traditional methods.
    b. Thoroughly solve or greatly reduce the application of organic chemical agents to prevent secondary pollution.
    c. The system automation technology is convenient and the stability is high. The operation is simple, and the device has only two switches.
    d. It has excellent organic chemical reliability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and solubility resistance, and can be widely used in various industries.
    e. High temperature resistance can reach 140℃, high temperature and high pressure steam and ethylene oxide can be used for disinfection and sterilization; it can be applied to a wide pH range, and can be applied to strong acids, strong acids and various organic solutions.
    f. Filter to high precision, can effectively filter 99.99% of the colloidal solution, pathogenic bacteria, floating solids and other harmful substances in the water.

    g. Compared with the basic stainless steel filter, the domestic sewage treatment can be reused after the ultrafiltration membrane technology becomes better. However, the chemical wastewater cannot be successfully solved due to the general technology. Choosing the uf membrane water purifier can fully solve the sewage problem.

    uf membrane water purifier

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