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Model and specification selection of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-21

With the continuous development trend of China's economy, the production of manufacturing machinery and equipment in China is constantly improving, and many production equipment have established intelligent and intelligent systems. According to this improvement, many reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers have produced reverse osmosis membrane filter of different specifications and varieties. Uf membrane module is also more important in this type of water treatment equipment, and its quality also affects the water quality of the mechanical equipment.

uf membrane module

1. Application of uf membrane module

It is widely used in industrial production and has become one of the practical operations of the new chemical manufacturing module. Used for separation, concentration and purification of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products and their food industries; also used for ultrafiltration membranes in blood treatment, sewage treatment and ultrapure water systems2.
2. Specification selection of uf membrane module

The model specifications of the uf membrane module are 8040 and 4040. The model specifications vary with the size. The commonly used membrane specifications for mechanical equipment of different sizes are standard.

reverse osmosis membrane filter

4040 is mostly used in small and medium-sized water treatment equipment, including household machinery, tap water for small and medium-sized enterprises and other water treatment equipment. Its pure water equipment, soft water treatment equipment and purified water equipment are all used in 4040 ultrafiltration membranes.

8040 is an 8-inch membrane, which is generally used in large and medium-sized water treatment equipment. Its function is the same as that of 4040 membrane. Both membranes have replaced the medium level of traditional technology. Natural sedimentation, plate and frame filtration, vacuum drum, centrifugal separation and other technological processes, the whole process of this technology is actual operation at room temperature, no phase change, no secondary pollution.


With the development of China's industry becoming more and more developed, the industry's development is also getting faster and faster, and the application of industrial production water treatment equipment is becoming more and more common. As an indispensable part of industrial water treatment equipment, the uf membrane module has high quality and wide application.

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