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Characteristics and application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane for concentration and purification technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-21


    The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a symmetric membrane, and its tight layer can be located on the outer surface or the inner surface of the fiber. Generally, tens of thousands of hollow fiber membrane filaments or a large number of hollow fiber membrane filaments are filled in the round tube type high pressure vessel. The ultrafiltration membrane 1 is classified into a raw material type and a sewage type according to the filtration system.

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    1. The specific characteristics of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane for membrane concentration and purification technology
    a. Since the concentration or purification is carried out at room temperature and under low pressure, there is no change, and the chemical substances cannot produce chemical reactions during the entire concentration or purification process, and there is no air pollution;
    b. Maintain good low dielectric properties. Acid and alkali resistance, it can be cleaned with a variety of chemical agents to ensure better cleaning and rebuilding actual effects, and the ro uf membrane has a long service life;
    c. Ro uf membrane has high impact toughness, strong anti-pollution ability, and large diffusion coefficient per unit membrane area;
    d. Concentration or purification is only carried out under low pressure, so energy consumption is low;

    e. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is designed and installed, with simple structure, small area occupied by mechanical equipment, high level of automation technology, and convenient management methods.


    2. Application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane for membrane concentration and purification technology
    Widely used in the concentration and purification of raw materials, suitable for biochemistry, pharmaceutical hollow fiber uf membrane pyrogen removal, beverage equipment impurity removal, purification, separation, concentration, quality improvement, etc.
    Such as: the purification of carbohydrates, peptides, antibiotics and other commodities, such as the purification of inosine and glutamic acid, is conducive to the acquisition or concentration of post-ion exchange method or RO reverse osmosis; the concentration of tea juice adopts (UF+RO) concentration method Concentrate until the concentration value exceeds 20% to ensure the original taste of tea juice; heat removal from medicinal glass bottles and sterilization of biological products; purification of juice; purification and concentration of green plant raw materials; brewing products; purification of dairy products, etc. .

    According to the above situation, the hollow fiber uf membrane is widely used and fully meets the manufacturing requirements of various fields. Small footprint, saving human resources, and low power consumption are also the advantages of choosing this membrane in various fields.

    hollow fiber uf membrane

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