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Mbr uf membrane application advantages

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-29

With the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to environmental pollution, especially sewage treatment, which is closely related to our daily life. At present, the key to wastewater solutions is divided into secondary biochemical solution technology, ecological solution technology and anaerobic fermentation solution technology. However, choosing some chemical drugs among these three treatment methods can easily cause secondary pollution. , The cost increases, and the actual effect is poor, which is not conducive to application promotion.

mbr uf membrane

1. Application of mbr uf membrane

Mbr uf membrane is an efficient wastewater treatment process, which closely combines traditional microbial process treatment with membrane separation technology. It can efficiently treat chemical wastewater, hospital outpatient wastewater, organic chemical wastewater and other high-concentration, insoluble wastewater, which is widely used It has good development prospects in sewage treatment.