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Application process advantages of mbr uf membrane in landfill leachate treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-10-30

The leachate of the garbage disposal site, also known as leachate or leaching water, refers to the waste water leached due to the infiltration of alcohol or precipitation and the extrusion of mechanical equipment when the garbage disposal station is working. The leachate in the garbage disposal site is caused by various chemical substances and dissolved substances, and contains high concentrations of BOD, COD, hydrocarbons, organic chemical halides, sulfates and carbonates. It not only emits a peculiar smell, but many are carcinogens. When discharged to the ground, environmental pollution and melting on the floor, the environment pollutes water resources, which is an important hazard to the local natural environment and people's physical and mental health.

mbr uf membrane

1. Process for treating landfill leachate by mbr uf membrane

Mbr uf membrane is an environmentally friendly water treatment technology, which cleverly combines ultrafiltration membrane technology with basic biochemical methods. Its important advantages and characteristics are that, according to the fully enclosed viable microbial strains, it can significantly increase the limit of the concentration value of the activated sludge method in the biochemical system, and at the same time ensure the reliability of the water production of the system.

In recent years, it has been applied to many China in Japan and China, and has completed a composite process with high production and processing functions.

2.The advantages of mbr uf membrane to treat landfill leachate

A. The effluent is cost-effective, the mbr uf membrane has a high sludge load on various pollutants, and the sewage is cost-effective.
B. The drainage pipe is stable, and the membrane system is a closed system without external influence. The quality of the drainage pipe of the system without external influence is in compliance with the regulations and will not be harmed by factors such as degradation.

C. The practical operation is dexterous. The uf membrane module is a mechanical device separated accor.

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