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Ultrafiltration membrane technology improves juice clarity

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-01

    Traditional juice clarification processes include fruit selection, washing, crushing, extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration and concentration. Some juice factories now choose traditional techniques such as diatomaceous earth or disc centrifuges. Although the traditional process can ensure the clarity of the leachate, it is difficult to filter bacteria and microbial strains, the product storage period is not long, the yield is low, and the actual operating cost increases.

    In fruit juice production, the juice concentration is mainly carried out by microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology. The performance of ultrafiltration membrane technology replaces the traditional manual process, greatly shortening the clarification time. Moreover, the obtained juice has higher definition and better aroma than traditional methods, and is not easy to cause secondary deposition. At the same time, the intercepted pectin can be further purified.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology

    1. The actual effect of ultrafiltration membrane technology is stable and the product quality is good.
    The water ultrafiltration system has a stable filtration effect and high filtration accuracy. The filtered juice has no turbidity visible to the naked eye. The leachate is clear, without turbidity, and the chemicals in the juice are not damaged. The color value of the juice is stable, which can effectively prevent browning, improve product quality, and increase the shelf life of enterprise products.
    2. Ultrafiltration membrane technology has a long service life and strong remanufacturing characteristics.

    Water ultrafiltration system has a long service life, good repair function, strong anti-microbial strain environmental pollution ability, and can maintain a high permeation diffusion coefficient and interception rate for a long time.

    3. Energy saving, low operating cost, simple actual operation and maintenance.
    Simple production process, reduce production cycle, reasonably reduce work intensity and product cost by 15-50%, increase productivity, and early capital investment can be recycled in less than one year.

    The uf membrane module with pressure difference as the driving force is the ultrafiltration membrane technology, which is suitable for solving the separation and concentration of the substance concentration in the aqueous solution. It is widely used in various fields such as clarification and concentration of beverage juice.

    uf membrane module

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