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The structure and classification of ro uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-02

As we all know, ro uf membrane can be divided into many categories, and the intermediate functions and application industries of different membranes are also different. Because these have various structures, their application scope is different. Then the classification and structure of ro uf membrane are What kind of it?

ro uf membrane

1. The structure of ro uf membrane

The uf membrane module is generally composed of a very thin and high-density skin layer and porous structure support points under the skin layer. As the active layer, the high-density skin layer can filter and intercept pollutants. According to different manufacturing and production processes, the high-density skin can be on the inner or outer surface of the chemical fiber yarn, or on the outer surface. The ro uf membrane used in sewage treatment mostly has a single-skin structure. The double-skin structure is generally used for the preparation of uf system water treatment. The cut molecular weight is about 10,000. This is also the case that small water molecules can only pass through one side of the skin and enter the membrane. When it is inside the Conde, it may be intercepted by the other side of the cortex, leaving the membrane in the membrane to block pores.

uf system water treatment

2.The classification of ro uf membrane

a. Flat membrane: It belongs to the first category of uf membrane module, because it cannot guarantee the proper flow rate on the membrane surface and the complicated heat preservation problem. The use of this is very limited and not strict to the early standards;

b. Roll film: take flat film as the starting point. Due to some dead spots caused by the roll film grid and the inability to perform backwashing. It can be used for high temperature, high pressure raw material separation or other applications where raw material is stabilized. The pretreatment requirements are the most stringent;

c. Hollow fiber membrane: its unit packing density is high, the actual operating pressure is low, the energy consumption is low, and the diffusion coefficient is high. It can be widely used in the field of sewage treatment;

d. Tubular membrane: Due to high energy consumption, it is not suitable for general sewage treatment. They are more suitable for liquids with high solid content or oil concentration worthy, and the early solution is not strict.

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