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Technical characteristics and applications of ro uf membrane in the food industry

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-02

In the food industry, the biggest difficulty of the ultrafiltration membrane technology is to solve the different physical properties of various materials and liquids. At the same time, the food industry stipulates that the processing cost of the ultrafiltration membrane technology is very cheap, which increases the degree of difficulty of the ro uf membrane in the food industry.

ro uf membrane

1. The technical characteristics of ro uf membrane in the food industry

It is carried out at room temperature, with little nutritional damage, and is especially suitable for the separation, classification, concentration and aggregation of heat-sensitive chemicals such as juice and enzymes.

There is no phase change, so volatile components, such as aromatic chemicals, have less damage and can maintain the original fragrance. Compared with the phase change separation method and other separation methods, the energy consumption is lower. When separating water, the cost is about 1/2~1/5 of volatile concentration or refrigerated concentration.

It is carried out in a closed system, and the separation of foods has no melanin dissolution and browning reaction.

No chemicals and additives, and products are protected from environmental pollution.

Good selectivity, chemical separation can be carried out at the molecular structure level, with excellent performance that can not be replaced by ordinary filter materials.

Strong adaptability, wide application range, and can be used in processing techniques such as separation, concentration, purification, and response.

Solve the problem of small business scale. It can be carried out continuously and intermittently. The ro uf membrane can be used directly or cooperatively. The processing technology is simple, and the actual operation is simple, which is convenient for the actual operation of automation technology.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

2. The application of ro uf membrane in food industry production

Uf membrane use has two key applications in the food industry: microfiltration, ultrafiltration technology for clarification and filtration, nanofiltration membrane, and membrane separation technology for concentration.

When the uf membrane use is used to process the juice, the bacteria will be blocked by the membrane together with the sediment, and the bacteria infiltrated into the juice can be removed without heating.

Compared with the enzymatic method, there is no undissolved gum arabic in the filtered juice, and there is little secondary sedimentation during long-term storage.

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