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Application advantages of mbr uf membrane in sewage

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-02

Sewage treatment refers to the whole process of purification treatment in order to make the sewage reach the water quality of the drainage pipe or reuse it. With the development of industrial production and social economy, water pollution has become more and more serious, which has become one of the difficulties in improving the environment in the field. Ultrafiltration membrane technology is slowly playing a major role in the advanced treatment and reuse of sewage. It can not only be directly used as a processing technology in sewage, but also can be combined with other processing technology to achieve a stronger practical effect.

mbr uf membrane

1. The application of mbr uf membrane in sewage treatment

The use of mbr uf membrane in wastewater reuse can reasonably cut off various microbial species, which is conducive to further dissolving insoluble microbial species, enhancing the dissolution of organic compounds, and the permanganate index. On the one hand, it can greatly reduce the cost of products, on the other hand, it can rationally complete the reuse of sewage, reduce sewage consumption, improve the water body of tap water, and enhance the economic benefits of the company.

2. Advantages of mbr uf membrane in sewage treatment

A. Low project investment cost: Taking into account the comprehensive cost of land resources, mechanical equipment and civil engineering, the mbr uf membrane technology can achieve lower project investment costs when reaching the same effluent water quality index.

B. Low operating costs: From the perspective of drug costs, energy consumption and labor costs, taking into account the low daily operating costs.

C. Easy to actual operation and maintenance: The overall system software can choose fully automatic actual operation and operation, which reduces the work intensity and technical professional conditions of actual operators.

Ro uf membrane gradually presents a diversified trend due to its flexible application methods. Mbr uf membrane has been widely used in wastewater treatment and reuse industries, and has gradually become the core technology of wastewater recycling. According to different water bodies and overall goals, different membrane technologies and technical specifications combined with other processing techniques can be selected to achieve more affordable practical effects.

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