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Precautions for cleaning preparation of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-04

Reverse osmosis membrane technology is the best practical effect of filtering at this stage, and the reverse osmosis element membrane can reasonably remove all residues except moisture, and maintenance and cleaning can extend the service life.

1. Preparation for cleaning of reverse osmosis element membrane

a. Terminate the cleaning of the reverse osmosis element membrane, close the high-pressure pump outlet door, the induction door, open the extraction liquid outlet door and adjustment door, close the water storage tank, and close the road. During the entire cleaning process, seepage water is correctly guided from the temporary pipe to the cleaning tank. The above-mentioned gate valve must be sealed and leaked.
b. After confirming that the cleaning system is correct, connect it to the ro membrane filter according to the system diagram.

c. After connecting the ro membrane filter, introduce the permeate into the 1/2 relative height of the cleaning water storage tank, open the cleaning pump channel door, run the cleaning pump, slightly open the cleaning pump outlet circulation system door, and open the 5μm filter device channel door and outlet Door, open the pipeline gas door, let the gas flow out of the system software, until it flows out and prepare for cleaning in advance.

reverse osmosis membrane technology

2. Cleaning method of reverse osmosis element membrane

Clean with 0.1% formaldehyde solution or disinfectant circulation system with a concentration value of 100mg/L for at least 1h on time. The reverse osmosis element membrane that has been polluted by the environment for a long time should be cleaned with 2% ammonium citrate aqueous solution (pH 4~8), or with sodium bisulfite, sodium hexametaphosphate, dilute sulfuric acid, etc., to avoid manganese, iron and sulfide fouling. Sometimes enzymatic detergents are used to clean organic compounds. The cleaning working pressure is controlled at 0.34~0.98MPa, and the cleaning flow rate is 2~3 times that of the original sewage treatment flow rate.

3.The main points of the cleaning process

It should run according to the selected recipe and specific temperature.

Total cleaning flow: For 8-foot membrane elements, the maximum flow rate is 9.1.m/h, for 4-foot membrane elements, the maximum flow rate is 1.8-2.m/h, and for 2.5 feet membrane elements, the maximum flow rate is /h. The working pressure of the high-pressure vessel must be the maximum working pressure that reaches the above-mentioned flow rate, but the loss of the high-pressure vessel must not exceed 60 psi.

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