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Description of reverse osmosis membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-04


    The entire operation process of the reverse osmosis ro membrane is physical filtration, no other chemical raw materials are added, and it is not easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. The reverse osmosis membrane technology increases the working pressure of the source water, so that the source water passes through the reverse osmosis ro membrane, and the impurities in the water cannot pass through, thereby realizing the current stage of filtration.

    reverse osmosis membrane technology

    The reverse osmosis membrane technology is when the osmosis is balanced, the liquid level on the side of the concentrated solution will be higher than a certain relative height of the dilute solution, that is, a pressure difference, that is, osmotic pressure is generated. The size of the osmotic pressure lies in the original characteristics of the aqueous solution, that is, it is related to the concentration value and temperature, and has nothing to do with the characteristics of the semi-permeable membrane. If the working pressure exceeding the osmotic pressure is increased on the side of the concentrated solution, the fluidity direction of the organic solvent will be opposite to the original osmotic direction, gradually flowing from the concentrated solution to the dilute solution side, and the pressure will make the concentrated solution flow into the dilute solution as reverse osmosis.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    In addition, the reverse osmosis membrane technology is a physical filtration. At room temperature and low voltage, the filter has low energy consumption, no heating, and no need to dosing to separate, concentrate, separate, and classify the purification level. It can reasonably remove particles, colloidal solutions, bacteria and organic compounds of polymer materials in the water. The reverse osmosis element membrane can be widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of chemical substances.
    The reverse osmosis membrane technology uses the whole process of increasing the working pressure higher than the raw water to make the water permeate from the high-concentration side to the low-concentration side, and press the molecular structure in the water on the opposite side of the membrane to obtain pure water.

    In the water purification industry, the diameter of the reverse osmosis element membrane has been reduced to 0.0001 μm. When the concentrated solution is injected into the dilute solution, the membrane on the side of the concentrated solution continues to block the impurities in the water and is discharged together with the sewage. After deep filtration, there is no impurities and the taste is good, achieving the purpose of purifying water.

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