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The filtration and water purification function of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-05

With the continuous increase of water demand in large cities, the amount of sewage is also increasing, and the water source is slowly deteriorating. This problem cannot be completely treated by traditional methods. MBR uf membrane solves this problem to a large extent.

mbr uf membrane

1. MBR uf membrane plays a filtering role

A. Membrane cutting reflects the microbial species in the pond, greatly increasing the concentration value of the activated sludge method in the pond, making the biochemical reaction of the dissolved wastewater faster and more complete;

B. Due to the high purification accuracy of the ro uf membrane, the effluent is clear and transparent, and the water production is high. So here it is explained that the membrane is not omnipotent, it has a diameter and can be filtered according to the diameter. If it is not filtered, there will be dirt clogging around the membrane pores, that is to say, the membrane is clogged, the water production is not enough, and the flux cannot be reached.

ro uf membrane

2. How to clean the mbr uf membrane

A. MBR uf membrane is generally cleaned by online chemical cleaning. The cleaning cycle depends on the degree of membrane damage. Domestic sewage treatment may be cleaned every 3.4 months, and the landfill leachate may be cleaned every 15-20 days. In fact, it depends on the water production rate and Negative pressure. To prepare the solution, the general cleaning is first alkaline washing and then pickling according to the situation, but also the situation of first pickling and then alkaline washing.
Alkaline washing is mainly a mixed solution of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide solution. Hydrochloric acid or sodium citrate is commonly used for pickling. If there are too many sodium ions, try not to use hydrochloric acid.
B. Off-line cleaning is also called cleaning under maintenance. Generally, off-line cleaning is performed when the utrafiltration membrane flux cannot be repaired in one year or on-line cleaning. Set up an offline cleaning tank or cleaning in the membrane tank, that is, the whole tank is filled with medicine and the whole is immersed, and the flushing and repairing flux is based on the hydrolysis and acidification tank.

MBR uf membrane has the characteristics of good solution effect, good effluent water body, stability, simple actual operation, and small space occupation.

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