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Reference factors for purchasing industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-06

As everyone knows, the industrial ro membrane is one of the key components of the stainless steel water filter. The method of using the industrial ro membrane is very important. If it is used unreasonably, it will directly affect the effluent water body. Therefore, it is very important to correctly grasp the method of use.

industrial ro membrane

1. The effective membrane area of reverse osmosis

This is the key factor that must be considered when designing the ro membrane filter. The total water production is positively correlated with the total reasonable total membrane area of the membrane elements in the system, because the ro membrane filter is designed based on the specified flux as the design theory. Only by mastering the effective membrane area of the industrial ro membrane can a system with reliable characteristics be designed. When the effective membrane area of the membrane element used in the system is larger, the same water production, the number of membrane elements required, the number of membrane shells and the number of spare parts are lower, it also means that the equipment space is saved and the operating system is saved. Installation and maintenance costs.

2. Width of inlet runner

It can directly jeopardize operating costs. The wider the inlet flow channel, the looser the requirements for the system's water seepage body regulations and the abnormal operation standards of mechanical equipment. The wider water inlet flow channel can also clean the membrane more reasonably, and the system can still maintain a low loss even in a high energy consumption environment.

3. Production technology of automatic membrane elements

The industrial ro membrane with consistent and accurate total membrane area can be produced. Fully automatic production technology eliminates the need to sacrifice the thickness of the inlet flow channel to produce the highest membrane area components. In addition, in the automatic production process, the membrane leaves are more symmetrical during the production process, so the water inlet flow is more symmetrical. The membrane elements produced by the automatic production process are more stable and no longer need to be tested and installed according to the data of each industrial ro membrane.

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