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Introduction of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-08

Ultrafiltration membrane technology uses a certain burden and total flow to prevent the raw water from being separated according to the membrane pores.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Ultrafiltration membrane technology

A. Ultrafiltration membrane technology uses different microplate designs and semi-permeable membrane materials at room temperature. The pressure difference between both sides of the membrane is used as the driving force. Through cross-flow filtration, organic solvents and small molecular water chemicals and proteins are used. , Water-soluble polymers, bacteria and other macromolecular substances and dust particles are blocked by filter paper.

B. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has a wall thickness of about 6 billion times and a 0.01μm microporous plate. Its diameter only allows water, beneficial minerals and nutrients in the water, and the volume of small bacteria is above 0.02μm. Therefore, bacteria and their colloidal solutions, rust, Suspended solids, fine sand, and biological macromolecular organic compounds can be intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane to realize the entire purification process.

ro uf membrane

2. Precautions for the use of ro uf membrane

A. Before filtering the raw water, a fungicide should be used to eliminate bacteria and microbial strains. Because the bacteria and organisms have strong environmental pollution work ability, they can produce a large amount of residue and dirt according to their own production, and maintain a moderate permanganate index.
B. Pre-filtration to remove solid particles floating bodies. When the composition of the colloidal solution is high, air flotation deposition is selected for pretreatment, otherwise the pressure of the ro uf membrane will be intensified and many unnecessary damages will be caused.
C. Reverse cleaning and quick cleaning on time, organic chemical cleaning on time, help to ensure the cleaning of the membrane, solve the product quality, and increase the service life of the membrane.
D. It is also necessary to periodically perform some dynamic filtration to discharge the concentrated water, and the recycling depends on the original water body.

E. Slowly increase and decrease the pressure when opening and closing the mechanical equipment to avoid obvious impact, causing excessive burden on the film and causing damage to the film.

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