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Description of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-08

Ultrafiltration membrane technology screens the source water based on the membrane pores. Since the residue in the water is much larger than the diameter of the membrane pore, the residue cannot pass through. It has the characteristics of removing turbid substances such as microbial strains, colloidal solutions, and diatoms.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Ultrafiltration membrane technology

In the case of an aqueous solution based on a semi-permeable membrane, under many effects, small water molecules in the organic solvent and substance concentration can pass through the filter paper to reach the other side of the membrane, while the macromolecular substances and colloidal solutions in the solute cannot be based on the filter paper. The hole is blocked. As the aqueous solution continues to pass, more and more substances are blocked on ro uf membrane. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of uf membrane use, the working pressure of the organic solvent must be increased. In addition, the substances produced on the surface of the membrane also exhibit certain organic chemical characteristics, and also have the effect of intercepting and dissolving some pollutants, thereby completing the purification.

uf membrane use

2.The characteristics of uf membrane use

1. Excellent water absorption: Through the unique pro-coagulation solution, the membrane filament has long-term hydrophilicity, and the hydrolysis reaction tentacles are reduced from 79 to 90 degrees before modification to 30 to 35 degrees. Under the lower transmembrane working pressure, higher water flow can be obtained, and at the same time, the environmental pollution resistance of the membrane filament can be accelerated.
2. High filtration accuracy: The microplate is less than 0.1μm in balance, which can remove turbid substances such as microorganisms, colloidal solutions, diatoms and so on.
3. Good mechanical strength: The mechanical strength indicates the working ability of the membrane wire to resist broken wires. Broken wires make the ultrafiltration membrane lose its separation performance, which is a key index value for evaluating the performance of ro uf membrane.
4. Long service life, strong pollution resistance, excellent solvent corrosion resistance, air oxidation resistance and aging resistance. Therefore, various methods can be used to continuously clean, remove contaminants, and repair the diffusion coefficient.

The above is the explanation about the ultrafiltration membrane technology. 

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