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Cleaning steps of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-08


    As one of the six high-tech technologies in the 21st century, ultrafiltration membrane technology has become the standard of the separation process due to its practical operation at room temperature and low voltage, no change, and poor energy consumption. It has been widely used in Oumei Waiting for western countries and regions. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China also attaches great importance to the research and development of ultrafiltration membrane technology. As China's main technology, it has invested a lot of financial and human resources to carry out key high-tech technologies, so that the strength of China's ultrafiltration membrane technology has been rapidly improved.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology

    1. Ultrafiltration membrane technology cleaning step.

    After the uf membrane module is used for a period of time, the cut off bacteria, rust, colloids, suspended solids, biological macromolecular substances and other harmful substances will rely on the inner surface of the uf membrane module, so that the water output will gradually decrease, especially when drinking. When the water environment is seriously polluted, it is more likely to cause blockage, and timely cleaning can effectively repair the water production rate of the ultrafiltration membrane technology.

    2. Classification and application of ro uf membrane

    Ro uf membrane is usually composed of a plurality of ultrafiltration components. Generally can be divided into four key types: plate and frame type, tube type, spiral wound type and hollow fiber type. Because the liquid processed by the ultrafiltration method is mostly water-soluble molecular chaperones, organic chemical colloids, sugar content and bacteria. This chemical substance is easy to adhere and accumulate on the surface of the membrane, leading to obvious groove effect and blockage, which is also an important problem of ultrafiltration. In order to get rid of the ditch effect, it is generally possible to increase the liquid flow, increase seepage and mixing.

    ro uf membrane

    Drinking water is advanced into the membrane tube. Under the action of the pressure difference, many 0.01μm microporous plates covered on the membrane surface only allow water, beneficial minerals and nutrients to pass through and become filtered water. Harmful substances such as pathogenic bacteria, rust, colloid, fine sand, suspended solids, and biological macromolecular substances are cut into the membrane tube and discharged during cleaning.

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