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Application of ultrafiltration membrane technology in seawater desalination

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    As an important way to treat freshwater resources, ultrafiltration membrane technology seawater desalination has been widely used. In the whole process, pretreatment is an indispensable process. The effect of pretreatment is to remove floating, crying, microbial strains and germs in the raw water, adjust the pH and temperature of the seepage water, avoid the deposition of hydroxides and slightly soluble salts, and make the incoming water meet the ultrafiltration and seepage requirements.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology

    1. Ultrafiltration membrane technology seawater desalination treatment method

    The basic pretreatment methods of ultrafiltration membrane technology seawater desalination include tap water disinfection and sterilization, online condensation and inclined plate sedimentation tank, multi-substance filtration, electrolytic copper sulfate to adjust pH, adding anti-scaling agents and oxidants, and filtering by safety personnel. The multi-substance filter in the traditional pretreatment cannot completely remove the colloidal solution and the floating chemical substances, the effluent water body is unstable, and the traditional drug treatment method will also cause environmental pollution to the ro uf membrane. Therefore, choosing a good pretreatment method is a key issue to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    In order to ensure the quality of the water produced by the desalination pretreatment, the pre-filtration + ultrafiltration membrane technology method can be used to solve the problem. The uf membrane use can effectively remove residues and intercept bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli, flagellates, and phages. Stabilize the water produced by the pretreatment and ensure the normal operation of ultrafiltration.

    ro uf membrane

    2. The production process of ultrafiltration membrane technology
    A. Original water storage tank: water storage, used to deposit large fine sand particles and chemical substances in the water. At the same time, the impact of unstable pressure of the original pipeline on the water treatment device is buffered;
    B. Pre-filtration: remove large-particle residues, suspended solids, biochemical organic compounds and other pollutants in the water;
    C. Ultrafiltration system filtration: rationally remove colloidal solutions, residues, rust sand, etc. in water, cut off bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli, flagellates, and remove various algae in water.
    3. Advantages of uf membrane use in seawater desalination pretreatment
    A. Ultrafiltration is more stable than the traditional foundation (concrete-sedimentation-filtration-disinfection) to filter the water environment;
    B. Compared with the traditional filtration process, the ultrafiltration system is simple to use, has stable characteristics, and has a small footprint;
    C. Ultrafiltration can significantly reduce the leakage of SDI, slow down and alleviate the environmental pollution of ro uf membrane, increase its operating flow rate, and reduce project investment costs.

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