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Installation of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-11

MBR uf membrane adopts strict production technology, has the characteristics of pollution resistance, slightly high mechanical equipment, corrosion resistance, etc., and has broad application prospects in water treatment.

mbr uf membrane

1. Preparation for installation of mbr uf membrane

(1) First of all, the installer should understand the installation process, read through the installation regulations or instructions, and pay attention to some key issues in the installation.
(2) Understand the installation site, such as wastewater well water and water outlet direction, and grasp the source of cold water discharge or industrial sewage treatment site.
(3) Clarify membrane transportation and installation plans, such as transportation routes.
(4) Prepare forklifts, cranes, pallets and other machinery that can unload films from trucks.

(5) Determine whether the engineering construction in the reflection pool is carried out before the membrane is installed, and check the cleaning work. Lumpy garbage must not remain in the membrane tank, please make sure to eliminate it.

2. Installation process of mbr uf membrane.

(1) Installation of aeration part
The anchor is used to determine the aeration part in the biological reaction tank. The level of the aeration pipe is very important in the installation. In order to better make the membrane surface of each hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane have a uniform rotating flow, please keep the level of the aeration pipe so that the gas release amount of each aeration hole is as equal as possible.
Therefore, the upper end of the aeration part should be stable in a vertical position. The horizontal level is less than 3/1000.
(2) The aeration pipe should be connected in advance.
The flanges are installed in each pipeline in advance, and after the aeration pipeline is connected, the aeration part is immersed in clean water to gradually provide aeration gas. Make sure that the aeration between each aeration section in the aeration section does not deviate, and adjust the level.
(3) The installation of uf membrane module should be carried out in the following order.
1. Part  of uf membrane module is placed in the aeration part and connected with the attached bolts.
2. There are two membrane element boxes and two aeration boxes, each membrane element box has a water collection tank, and the interface of each water collection tank is a flange. Connect the upper membrane element in the middle of the aeration part, and connect with the attached bolts.
3. Part  of  mbr uf membrane is mounted on the lifting part and connected with the attached bolts.

4. Water collecting pipe piping connection, the connection method of water collecting pipe is flange plate when shipped.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

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