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Factors that harm utrafiltration membrane flux

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-11

At present, the ro uf membrane in the world has different shapes and different performance characteristics. The key factor that determines the operation and service life is the utrafiltration membrane flux.

utrafiltration membrane flux

1. The standard of utrafiltration membrane flux

Ro uf membrane is divided into pressure type ultrafiltration membrane and mbr uf membrane. The design flux of pressure type ultrafiltration membrane is 11-8.0.m/h, and the design flux of mbr uf membrane is 0.4-1.4m/h. , For customers to choose, consider the different requirements of different customers.

2. Factors harming utrafiltration membrane flux

a. Performance
Generally lies in the performance of the membrane element, especially the two factors of pore size and porosity. For ultrafiltration membranes with the same method and data, the larger the membrane diameter (the relative molecular mass of the interception), the greater the membrane flux; the higher the porosity per unit membrane area, the greater the flux, but the higher the porosity. The more defects, the weaker the compressive strength of the film and the easier it is to break the wire. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance that can achieve both the proper flux and the proper compressive strength.
b. Water quality
Generally, the better the water quality of the influent, the greater the water flux per unit membrane area; the higher the turbidity of the influent, the smaller the membrane flux. The quality of influent water depends on the source water body, water intake, water collection method and preparation treatment method. Sometimes considering the project investment and other reasons, coupled with the simple pretreatment process, large changes.
c. Water temperature
The water temperature mainly affects the viscosity of the water. Increasing the water temperature can reduce the viscosity of the water and increase the migration speed of the water, thereby increasing the utrafiltration membrane flux. The best water temperature is 15~25℃. However, in view of the fact that the water temperature in winter in the north is slightly lower, at least up to 0°C, the ultra-low temperature factor must be considered in the selection of ultrafiltration membrane flux, that is, the water production rate can be achieved when the water temperature is very low in winter.

The above is an explanation of the standard of utrafiltration membrane flux and the hazard factors, so everyone should pay special attention to the actual operation of daily application, which can prevent a lot of unnecessary inconvenience.

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