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Application advantages of ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-16

With the continuous development and development of ultrafiltration membrane technology, it has been widely used in all walks of life. When the source water is pressurized on both sides of the membrane, an external pressure type hollow ultrafiltration membrane is formed. The chemical substances that pass through ultrafiltration membrane technology are removed by the extract, which is not easy to pollute the surface of the membrane element, and can be operated continuously for a long time.

uf membrane module

1. The structure of uf membrane module

According to the structure, it can be divided into flat type, hollow chemical fiber type, nano-membrane, Dow ultrafiltration membrane, tube type, roll type and other structures. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a relatively complete and excellent method in ultrafiltration technology. The hollow chemical fiber has a diameter of 0.4-2.0mm and an inner diameter of 0.3-1.4mm. The inner wall of the tube is covered with a microporous plate. The relative molecular mass can reach several thousand to several hundred thousand.

2. Advantages of uf membrane module Application

Uf membrane module has high utilization rate and high product quality, and can maintain effective separation, purification and high concentration of items. The production material of the system adopts environmental sanitary pipe valves, daily cleaning on site, conforms to GMP or FDA manufacturing standards, excellent technology, high integration level, compact structure, small footprint, simple actual operation and maintenance, and low staff labor.
The processing method of uf membrane module has not changed, has no other negative effects on the components in the material, and is separated. The whole process of purification and concentration is always at room temperature, which is suitable for the solution of heat sensitive components, avoids the destruction of high temperature to biologically active chemical substances, and reasonably preserves biologically active chemical substances and nutrient elements in the raw material system.

3.The main purpose of uf membrane module

(1).Solve the pyrogen with water in the pharmaceutical field.
(2).Solve power supply problems in big cities, towns and rural areas.
(3).Condensate recycling, food and beverage production and processing water.
(4). Used for food, alcohol, and animal husbandry concentration.
(5). Solve the problem of eating groundwater and river water.
(6).Deeply solve the problem of sewage recycling.
(7).Pure grain wine to remove turbidity, fruit wine, red wine, rice wine to sterilize and remove turbidity.

(8). Prepare to treat RO infiltration water.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

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