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Performance characteristics of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-16

The key performance of uf membrane module includes the physical properties of the membrane, the organic chemical properties and the filtration performance of the membrane separation technology. The key summary of physical and organic chemical properties is the impact toughness, solvent resistance level, application temperature range and available pH range of the film. The separation and filtration performance refers to the flow rate and relative molecular mass of uf membrane module.

uf membrane module

1. The basic process parameters of uf membrane module

a. Capillary membrane;
b. The raw material of the film is the food-grade modified material GPAN;
c. The relative molecular mass of laser cutting is about 0.01μm;
d. The inner diameter of the membrane wire is 0.9mm and the diameter is 1.6mm;

e. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has excellent performance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance and strong anti-pollution ability.

2. Discussion on the process of uf membrane module.

a. Applying the basic principles of nanotechnology, the molecular structure is more orderly, the surface of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane looks smoother, the membrane wall is smooth, and it has high-strength anti-pollution performance;
b. In the forming process of ro uf membrane, ultrasonic and radio waves are used to solve the problem. The ordering of the ultrafiltration membrane 3 realizes regularity, and the water is filtered multiple times to ensure the precision and purification of the water;
c. Arc circulation technology, such as the arc shape of the stainless steel plate bearing end cover, can reasonably resist pollution and is beneficial to complete anti-cleaning;
d. The core isolation technology, nitrogen is reliable and easy to transform. In the finished product of the water purification system, nitrogen protection technology is used to prevent gas from entering the water purification system;

e. It adopts chain-type network structure molecular structure, which has strong ductility, and continuously innovates the staggered structure of the membrane, reasonably improves the filtration accuracy, and is not easy to break.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

3.The performance characteristics of uf membrane module.

a. High water production rate: water-absorbing GPAN material, high water production rate;
b. The film wire has good compressive strength: two-layer casting, the film wire has good compressive strength and is not easy to break;
c. The available PH value covers a wide range: the application area is 2-13, and it is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali;

d. High filtration relative density: it can effectively filter more than 98% colloidal solution, bacteria, suspended solids and other toxic residues in the water.

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