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Factors affecting water production of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-17

Ultrafiltration membrane technology is the whole process of screening using membrane separation equipment. The pressure difference between both sides of the membrane is the driving force, and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is used as the filter material. Under a certain pressure, when the original liquid passes through the membrane surface, the surface Many microplates are filled with only allowing water and small molecules of water chemicals to become permeate as needed, while organic matter whose volume exceeds the micro-diameter of the membrane surface is intercepted to the leaking side of the membrane and becomes an extract to achieve purification. , The purpose of separating and shrinking the stock solution.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

1. Water treatment process of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane.

Drinking water is advanced to hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Under the action of the pressure difference, many 0.01μm microporous plates covered on the membrane surface only allow water, beneficial minerals and nutrients to pass through and become filtered water. However, harmful substances such as bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, fine sand, suspended solids, and biological macromolecular substances are cut into the tube and discharged during cleaning.

After a period of use, harmful substances such as bacteria, rust, colloidal solutions, suspended solids, biological macromolecules, and biological macromolecular substances will rely on ultrafiltration systems water treatment, thereby gradually reducing the water production, especially when the drinking water environment is polluted. In severe cases, it is more likely to cause blockage.

2. Factors affecting the water production of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

(1). The harm of temperature to water production: as the temperature increases, the vitality of water increases, and the viscous water production increases. On the contrary, the water production is reduced, so even the same ultrafiltration systems water treatment has a big difference in the water production in winter and summer.
(2. The hazard of actual operating pressure on water production: In the low voltage section, the water production of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is positively correlated with the pressure, that is, the water production increases with the increase of pressure, but when the pressure exceeds 0.3 MPa, even When the pressure increases again, the water production will not increase, mainly because the ultrafiltration membrane is compacted under high voltage, which increases the permeable frictional resistance.

(3). The hazard of seepage turbidity to water production: the greater the seepage turbidity, the less the water production, the greater the seepage turbidity, the easier it is to block.

ultrafiltration systems water treatment

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