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Development and Application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-18

In foreign countries, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is mainly used for drinking water treatment, while in my country, it is mainly used for wastewater reuse in industrial production as the pretreatment of RO reverse osmosis. At present, in the Chinese industrial water treatment sales market, ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in power engineering, steel, chemical plants and other chemical wastewater treatment industries. With the development of social economy, there will be more and more large-scale sewage treatment projects, creating a broad market indoor space for hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

1. The development prospects of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

With the use of regulations in the fields of biotechnology, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and environmental protection, ultrafiltration filter will develop in the following directions:
(1) Research and development of high-temperature resistant synthetic polymer membranes and inorganic ultrafiltration membranes. The specific feature of this membrane is that it can be used as high-pressure steam sterilization, and is mainly used for biotechnology and medical industry well water.

(2) The research and development of anti-fouling hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Membrane fouling is a problem often encountered in the use of ultrafiltration membrane technology. If you choose different anti-fouling membranes for different use goals, it will undoubtedly greatly extend the service life of the membrane. Expanding the capacity of the solution, reducing the time and frequency of cleaning, thereby reducing project investment and operating costs, which has very important practical significance for the extended use of ultrafiltration technology. In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the utilization rate of related ingredients can also be improved.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

2. Application market of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

As we pay more attention to the living environment and drinking water safety, it can be predicted and analyzed that ultrafiltration technology will be widely used in China's future municipal sewage treatment and drinking water treatment sales markets.

In foreign countries, many water companies have used ultrafiltration membrane technology to produce drinking water. In China, due to assets and other issues, ultrafiltration technology has not yet been applied. However, due to the revision of domestic and regional drinking water and the promulgation of new standards, it will eventually be chosen by more and more water companies.

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