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Uf membrane module filtration process

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-18

1. Filtration method of uf membrane module

The entire process of uf membrane module usually has two methods: terminal equipment filtration and cross-flow filtration. For source water with low turbidity and good water bodies, terminal equipment is generally selected for filtration, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the processing process; for water with high turbidity and obvious environmental pollution, cross-flow filtration is selected. It can also avoid the accumulation of a large number of pollutants on the surface of the membrane, causing pollution of the membrane environment and reducing the filtration characteristics.

uf membrane module

Uf membrane module uses the pressure difference as the driving force and utilizes the passage characteristics of the membrane to realize the separation equipment of positive ions, molecular structures and certain particles in water. The diameter of ultrafiltration membrane pore size ranges from about 0.005 to 1 μm, which makes up the gap between the microfiltration membrane and the nanofiltration membrane.

Scholars from all over the world have clearly pointed out that the entire process of ultrafiltration membranes actually has three levels at the same time: ① Solute is adsorbed on the membrane surface and the wall of the microporous plate; ② The particle size of the solute is similar to the membrane diameter, and the solute is retained in the pores, causing Blockage; ③The diameter of the solute particles exceeds the diameter of the membrane, and the solute is intercepted by the mechanical equipment on the membrane surface to complete the screening.

2. The actual effect and influencing factors of uf membrane module used to remove organic matter.

The removal of organic matter varies from case to case. Some scholars use lasers to cut hollow fiber uf membrane with a relative molecular mass of 100,000 Dalton to filter water from 20 different sources. The average sludge load of TOC is 18%, and UV25 is about 28%.
Similarly, in order to remove TOC, Laine, etc. in the water, and use terminal equipment to filter groundwater, the sludge load of hollow fiber uf membrane to TOC is about 42%. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable method to minimize these differences and improve the efficiency of membrane resolution.

The relative molecular mass range of uf membrane module is generally 5000~10000 ODalton. The relative molecular mass of the dissolved organic matter in the pure natural water environment is very large, and the blocking effect is poor. In fact, the proportion of dissolved organics in pure natural water with this low-molecular structure is usually larger.

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