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Precautions for installation of industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-19

1. Failure condition of industrial ro membrane

When installing industrial ro membrane, it is recommended to install by professional technicians to prevent errors, otherwise the following common failures will occur after water ultrafiltration system enters operation: system pollution speeds up, high conductivity, membrane element shell cracking, membrane element end plate rupture , The water production rate of the system is low, the operating pressure of the system components is high, and the core tube of the membrane element is cracked.

industrial ro membrane

2. Precautions for installation of industrial ro membrane

(1). When installing, remove the package. If the package contains maintenance fluid, the maintenance fluid should be cleaned before installation.
(2).Installation direction: Push industrial ro membrane from the water inlet end of the membrane shell to the concentrated water end. If the installation direction is opposite, the concentrated water seal ring will be damaged. Insert the concentrated water end without the black sealing ring into the membrane shell, and then insert the water inlet end with the black sealing ring into the membrane shell. If the installation direction is opposite, the radial flow velocity is insufficient during the operation of the operating system, resulting in concentration polarization and increased pollution speed. Special attention is paid to the fact that only the side containing the sealing ring is installed in the water inlet pipe, can the function of the sealing ring be fully exerted, and the filtering effect can be truly achieved.
(3).Vaseline can be used as lubricant. It is strictly forbidden to use raw oil lubricants such as detergents and glycerin. The detergents will cause the water volume of the electronegative reverse osmosis element membrane to decrease, and other oil-soluble lubricants will cause embrittlement and damage to the center tube.

(4).Before installation, it is necessary to check whether there is installation clearance. Even high-quality membrane shells and membranes will have specification errors. If water ultrafiltration system has a gap during operation, it will cause reverse osmosis element membrane to roll back and forth in the membrane shell, collide with the membrane shell, and cause malfunctions. The treatment method can be to install a gasket on the adapter to clear the installation gap.

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