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Analysis of the reasons for the damage of industrial ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-19

In China, reverse osmosis technology has been widely used in various water treatment processes. At this stage, many water treatment technologies have selected industrial ro membrane, but in the entire process of application of reverse osmosis membrane filter, except for all normal performance degradation , Due to pollution, the performance degradation is more serious.

industrial ro membrane

1. Reasons for the damage of industrial ro membrane

Common pollutants include organic chemical scales, organic compounds, colloidal solutions, and microbial strains.
①. Microbial strain contamination: When microbial strain contamination occurs, the throughput of industrial ro membrane and the number of pathogenic bacteria in the concentrated water are at a high level, which has a lot to do with not performing careful maintenance, disinfection and sterilization.

②. Contamination of colloidal solution: When colloidal solution contamination occurs, there are generally two characteristics. The first is to solve the rapid blockage of small and medium-sized filter devices, especially the rapid increase in working pressure. The second is that the SDI value exceeds 2.5.

2. Storage of industrial ro membrane

The unused reverse osmosis element membrane is generally immersed in a solution of 1% sodium hydroxide and 18% petroleum jelly, and then stored in a closed packaging bag. When the packaging bag is not damaged, it can be stored for about one year, and its service life and performance will not be affected when it is reused. After opening the packaging bag, it should be used as soon as possible to prevent sodium hydroxide from oxidizing in the air and causing negative effects on the membrane elements. It is recommended to open the reverse osmosis element membrane before use, and use it as soon as possible after opening.
The above is all the explanation of the factors that cause the damage of industrial ro membrane, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The installation level and technology of the reverse osmosis membrane filter are becoming more and more perfect, but during the operation of the facility, the service life and performance of the membrane are severely degraded, so there will be situations where the ability of the ideal design scheme cannot be reached. Everyone can distinguish the type of pollution from the source water body, pollution level, operating records, and changes in mechanical equipment performance.

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