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Cleaning and maintenance of domestic ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-19

1. Cleaning and maintenance of domestic ro membrane

The domestic ro membrane must be cleaned under the following conditions: 
(1) The standardized salt transmission rate is increased by 10%-15%;
(2) After standardization, the total liquid flow will be reduced by 10%-15%;
(3) The pressure difference between seepage and concentrated water is increased by 15% compared with the standard situation, and the pressure difference in each section is increased by 15%;
(4) As a routine maintenance, generally after 3-6 months of normal operation.
(5) Under all normal water supply and drainage pressures, the water production rate is lower than normal by 10~15%;
(6) Water production is reduced by 10-15%, and salt permeability is increased by 10-15%;
(7) Increase the pressure of water supply and drainage by 10~15%;

(8) The pressure difference between the system software is significantly increased.

domestic ro membrane

2. Operating parameters of domestic ro membrane

The main parameters of the long-term operation of the domestic ro membrane specifically refer to water production, back pressure, utilization, temperature and TDS. If the main parameters of this kind of operation change impermanently, it is recommended to check whether there is pollution or whether the RO reverse osmosis is normal when the main parameters of the important operation change.

Timely inspection of the overall function of the system is the main way to determine whether the reverse osmosis element membrane is contaminated. The direct impact of pollution on the reverse osmosis element membrane is gradual, and the degree of harm lies in the characteristics of the pollution. The cleaning cycle time of the contaminated domestic ro membrane depends on the specific conditions of the construction site. All normal cleaning cycles are once every 3-12 months. When the membrane in ro plant is only slightly polluted, cleaning the membrane in ro plant is the key. Moderate and severe pollution will prevent organic chemicals from deeply integrating into the pollution layer, endangering the actual cleaning effect. Which pollutants are cleaned and their cleaning should be carried out according to the pollution situation on site. In view of the complicated situation of several pollutions at the same time, the cleaning method is to replace the cleaning with a cleaning solution with a low pH and a high pH.

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