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Analysis of pollution types and status of domestic ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

The domestic ro membrane is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics made by simulating a semi-permeable microbial membrane, and is an important preform of membrane separation technology. The reverse osmosis membrane technology is under the action of higher than the osmotic concentration of the solvent, and this component cannot be separated by the semi-permeable membrane according to other components. The membrane diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is small, which can effectively remove acid salts, colloidal solutions, microorganisms, organic compounds, etc. in the water.

domestic ro membrane

1. Pollution type of domestic ro membrane

①. Particle pollution: fine sand, filter material powder, etc.
②. Potential pollution: bacteria, virus infection, algae, etc.
③. Organic compound pollution: iron, aluminum oxide, etc.

④. Inorganic compound pollution: sulfide scale, potassium thiocyanate scale, fluorine, silica scale, etc.

2. Pollution status of domestic ro membrane

One situation is that the effect is not obvious after washing, and the other situation is that the actual effect is okay after washing, but it returns to the original level soon after operation. In the final analysis: because the medicine only loosens the dirt and cannot dissolve it, it will not take long. , Blocked the scale again.
For example, the pressure difference between the first and second stages of the commonly used reverse osmosis equipment has increased significantly, and it is basically difficult to reduce the pressure difference with ordinary cleaning methods. The reason is generally the compound scale. The colloidal solution and protein formed by the microbial corpse first adsorb small particles, and it may also be pre-treated and pre-treated coagulant reverse osmosis scale inhibitor. In the mesh gap, the scale will damage the water output and the salt removal rate over time. Secondly, in the design of the control system, the concentration ratio is selected to be small, and the accumulation of fine sand on the road may cause pollution, and other abnormal phenomena may also cause the pressure difference between the first and second stages to increase significantly. The pressure difference of the domestic ro membrane increases, the water production rate decreases, and the salt removal rate decreases, which is generally more common in carbonate scale.

Generally speaking, due to different pollution conditions, one or a simple method and medicine cannot effectively deal with the pollution problem. When cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge, you must pay attention to the right medicine. If you choose the wrong cleaning medicine and cleaning method, it will cause irreparable damage.

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