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Application fields and main uses of domestic ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Application fields of domestic ro membrane

Reverse osmosis is the highest precision liquid filtration method, and it is the whole process of working pressure to drive the membrane. It can extract water from oozing water. At present, it is widely used in the elimination of sea surface and iron-carbon fillers; the deep solution and recovery of chemical wastewater, municipal engineering wastewater and raw water; the production and manufacture of industrial pure water and heating furnace supplement water; the production and manufacture of edible mineral water; the purification of municipal engineering water supply ; Food, pharmacy, and various processing technology tap water manufacturing; semiconductor materials are manufactured using ultra-pure water systems; various processing technology wastewater fading; dairy products concentration and separation industries.

domestic ro membrane

2.The main purpose of domestic ro membrane

(1). Fully filtered.
Generally speaking, the filtration is usually based on the completely vertical filtration of the filter material. When using domestic ro membrane, organic compounds or salts are not allowed to permeate. If you choose full filtration, the surface of the membrane will block and pollute the environment due to the accumulation of this chemical substance.

In order to avoid the accumulation of air pollutants on the membrane surface, a flushing fluidity method is introduced on the side of the inlet pipe, which is called cross-flow filtration. The reverse osmosis system always divides the permeate water into two streams of water, that is, the concentrated solute extract intercepted by the membrane and the permeated water obtained through the surface of the membrane for purification treatment.

reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

(2). Limit concentration.
Of course, during the osmosis process, water will be transferred from the pure water side through the semi-permeable membrane to the high-concentration solute side to balance the compressive strength of the solution. For membranes, the final equilibrium point pressure is called the osmotic concentration of the solution.
The osmotic concentration of a solution depends on the type and concentration of the solute. As the seepage water continues to concentrate, it is necessary to get rid of the higher osmotic concentration of the solution, and a higher working pressure for the seepage water must be increased to allow the water to pass through the membrane. Due to the working pressure on the surface of the domestic ro membrane and the solubility limit of the solute, each solution has a larger specific allowable concentration value.
(3).Too much floating material.
The feed of suspended solids will quickly contaminate the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge, and proper pretreatment is required to improve the entire pretreatment process of this feed.
(4).Absolute separation.
Although reverse osmosis is the most detailed process of liquid filtration, it can separate the least solute, but it still cannot produce an ideal and extreme domestic ro membrane. The adsorption rate of solute resin lies in the membrane raw materials, although it can reach 99.99% The desalination rate is high, but the separation requirement of 100% must be achieved and be realistic.

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